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They call me Gabriel. Just you're average Archangel/ Trickster/ Pagan God. Sam kept pestering me to make an account on this dang site, apparently we have fans on here. He said something about some books by Carver Edlund? Anyways feel free to ask me anything.

sherlock--homes said: Hello Gabriel. I'm incredibly bored, can you get me a case?

I don’t know shezza, ask the Winchesters. They seem to be the best for kicking up trouble and they usually have a few cases, if monsters and demons are your kinda thing.

Anonymous said: Do you ever regret choosing the side of the Winchesters instead of Michael or Lucifer?

Not really, I mean i hated going up against Luci and Mikey, but I just wanted it to be over. It was hell watching my brothers tear at each others throats like that, and just as bad knowing that they wouldnt hesitate to kill me if I tried to stop them. Seemed helping the Winchesters was the best way to go about fixing this whole mess… Plus if i hadn’t, then I wouldn’t have Sam; nothing is worth losing him.

cocklespadabootie said: Hey Gabe, um, I was just wondering. But uh, do you ever use condoms?

You humans come up with weird questions… But yes, sometimes… Sammich has a huge kink for the flavoured ones….

de-sti-el said: U DED BAGRIEL

Oh come on, do i look dead to you? And if i was dead how would I be answering these question? try using your brain kid.

And Bagriel? Really? Has this got something to do with that dang bagelpocalyse that seems to be goin on? Holy shit this site is weird.

Anonymous said: here is something that I have wondered, Feathers. Have you always been Loki, or is Loki simply your vessel?

Good question. Loki was another vessel of mine; turns out that some of us winged lot have extra vessels in other realms, i figured that out when i was in hiding, took  a trip up to Asgard. Loki wasnt my meat suit for that long, just enough time for me to teach him a few tricks, plus i sorta earned him the name of ‘God of Mischief’ which was pretty cool.

Anonymous said: You know that autoplay upsets Sammy, right?

Really? He doesn’t like Asia? I thought he’d forgiven me for that whole mystery spot mishap. Didn’t realise the song would bother him.

Anonymous said: How do you feel about Dean marrying Cas, as you never really got along well with him?

Well sure Deanie can be kinda a dick, but i get that i can be as well, so we tried to settle our differences. I know it bothers both Cassy and Sammich, so I try to get along with Dean. Plus I want my bro to be happy, so I aint gonna complain about who he wants to marry.

Anonymous said: Do you and Sam use the same hair products?

Indeed we do. Herbal essences works wonders you know.

Anonymous said: Hey Feathers, mind keepin' it down next time you and Sammy are in the shower? I could barely hear Game of Thrones.

No can do, Sammy’s a moaner. If its really bothering you just get the walls soundproofed kiddo.

Anonymous said: You ever get worried about your little brother Cas?

Yeah.. guess i do. I mean yeah, that kid is tough as hell, but he sure has got himself into a few messes whilst I’ve been away. We didnt really know each other that well when I was still in heaven, but heck its nice to have a bro who aint still tryna kill me. But anyways, he’s got Deanie to keep an eye on him, sure he’ll be alright. If anything serious happens im always ready to step in and help.